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New score system for immigration to Quebec launched

The candidates wishing to migrate to Quebec but are willing to settle outside Montreal will be given extra points in the new Quebec’s scoring system.

The new points system has been launched in the Arrima expression of interest pool to rank the candidates.

The total maximum points available are 1,320, out of which 580 are for human capital, and 740 are for Quebec’s labour market needs.

IRCC launches Parents and Grandparents (PGP) 2021 program

Canadian Government launches its Parents and Grandparents Program (PGP) 2021 sponsorship program. IRCC is all set to invite around 30,000 applicants to sponsor their parents and grandparents through a lottery (Draw) to immigrate to Canada. 

The lottery is scheduled to be conducted in the third week of September 2021. After the lottery, the Canadian Government will send invitations for the next two weeks. The lucky ones whose requests will be accepted will have to submit their requests for sponsorship to the Canadian Government within a time frame of 60 days.   

The parents and grandparents accepted under the PGP program will be granted permanent residence status and eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship later on.

Eligible terms and conditions for PGP applicants

Individuals seeking permanent resident status in Canada for their parents and grandparents must fulfill the following eligibility criteria. 

Age and Essential support: The sponsorship applicant should be 18 years or above. One should be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or status First Nation possessing all the resources and means to upkeep the family member to be sponsored. 

Financial Status: The applicant should be financially strong with a regular source of income. Therefore, applicants should know the financials they need to maintain to support each member they are willing to sponsor. The Minimum Necessary Income (MNI) is thus the eligibility criteria for the PGP. 

For Quebec: For individuals who live in Quebec and want to sponsor parents or grandparents will have their financials assessed by the Quebec Immigration Ministry. 

A signed undertaking is required both by the IRCC and the Government of Quebec, mentioning the tenure for which the sponsor is responsible for the finances of the family members they are sponsoring. The tenure of the undertaking is 20 years for parents and grandparents in Canada and 10 years in Quebec.        

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Ontario’s plan to invite more candidates through PNPs in 2021

Ontario recently released its allocation for this year as Canada invites aspiring migrators to settle in the country through various programmes and support a large number of permanent residency applications via PNPs.

Ontario will be issuing 8,350 nominations, excluding 250 specifically for temporary foreign workers employed in a profession falling under NOC skill level C.

Canada invites 4,147 candidates in the new CEC Express Entry draw

On May 13, another Express Entry draw with a low score requirement was held by Canada.

IRCC invited candidates with at least 401 scores which is one point more than the previous CEC draw. Invited Candidates fall under the Canadian Experience Class (CEC), and they are equipped with at least one year of skilled work experience in Canada.

So far, 66,475 candidates have been invited in 2021. The number of ITAs issued is far greater than last year’s invitations, as, in 2021, IRCC held larger draws.

IRCC is focusing on issuing ITAs to those who are already in Canada as they have set a target to invite 401,000 new permanent residents in 2021 while there are travel restrictions. Hence, there is a high number of candidates who are invited under the CEC and Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) in Canada. CEC and PNP have different score requirements as lower scores are required under CEC.

Express Entry is an online application system that allows aspiring skilled migrators to submit their profiles under three federal immigration programs;

Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSWP)

Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)

Candidates are assessed on various factors like education, work experience, language ability, age, etc. Based on the scores, candidates are invited to apply for PR in Canada through regular draws held by IRCC.

There is a large number of immigration programs open right now for aspiring immigrants. With the right guidance, aspiring migrators can achieve their goal of settling in Canada in one of their favorite provinces.

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Online Application Portal launched by IRCC for 7 immigration programs

For traditional paper based immigration programs, the IRCC is digitizing the application process. The application portal for permanent residence in Canada was launched on April 1. The following seven programs that were previously paper based will now follow a more efficient and transparent online application process like most of the other Canadian immigration programs:

  1. Québec Selected Investor
  2. Québec Entrepreneur
  3. Quebec Self-Employed Persons
  4. Non-Express Entry Provincial Nominee Program
  5. Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot
  6. Agri-Food Pilot
  7. Atlantic Immigration Pilot

Applicants will still have the option to apply for these immigration programs on paper. The portal is introduced with a limited group of applicants to initiate a new procedure and improve the application process for prospective immigrants to Canada. The Canadian immigration department is also digitizing other paper-based immigration programs.

This online portal is focused towards providing immigration applicants with more options to apply for permanent residence and it will help the applicants avoid mailing delays they previously experienced due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

IRCC is always developing tools and practices so that the immigration system can become more efficient and due to the pandemic the need for upgrading the current system has been accelerated.

Citizenship tests have been digitized and citizenship ceremonies are taking place online since March 2020 in Canada. An online landing process was also introduced by IRCC due to which approved permanent residents could avoid appearing for in-person interviews, in most cases.

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