Canada’s pro-immigration strategy amid Covid-19

Canada has always been the most popular and sought after immigration destination. Now, the question that arises is what makes Canada the immigrants’ favorite.  

Canada is one of the most people-friendly countries in the world. The Canadian Government supports multiculturalism and welcomes people from across the globe. From an economic point of view, Canada holds the 10th position in the world. Also, Canada has one of the fastest-growing technical industries in the world. The excellent healthcare and education system of Canada makes it an even more desirable immigration destination. Moreover, Canada has amazing privileges like paid leaves, holidays, especially in North America. Above all, Canada is safe, with a stable political system and an awesome environment to live and grow.  

Canadian Immigration industry has seen a tremendous surge during the pandemic. All thanks to the Canadian Government for enthusiastically inviting aspirants to settle in Canada permanently. It has been observed that when travel restrictions have been implemented amid pandemic across the globe, Canada Government prioritized immigration. Let us find out the reasons for this pro-immigration policy adopted by the Canadian Government.    

Reasons responsible for enhanced immigration during a pandemic

  • Contribution of immigrants to Canada’s economy

The ever-increasing need for a strong labor force across industries to keep the Canadian economy healthy and profitable

  • Canada’s aging population need support

Canada’s aging population and lowest rate of births have led to a shortage of young industry experts. Thus, Canada is supporting immigration to invite PR aspirants. As per the available figures, in 2021, around 401,000 and by 2023, around 421,000 immigrants are targeted to migrate to Canada.

  • Immigrants for business purposes

Immigrants who migrate to Canada for business purposes create numerous job opportunities for young graduates in various industries.

Ray of Hope

Amid Covid-19, the number of people immigrating to Canada has dropped significantly due to travel restrictions. However, the emergence of vaccination drives has brought some rays of hope. Also, the Canadian Government has now eased out some travel restrictions for fully vaccinated individuals.

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The biggest PNP-only draw ever

Canada invited 940 candidates through Express Entry draw on June 9, 2021. These candidates can now apply for Permanent Residence as they received a provincial nomination through respective PNP. This is the reason the score cut off was as high as 711.

When receiving a nomination from one of the Provinces, aspiring migrators who have submitted their profiles in the Express Entry Pool are awarded 600 additional points. As candidates having 111 points or above, have been receiving Invitation to Apply (ITA), a nomination which adds 600 points under PNP ensures that the nominated candidate will be receiving Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canadian permanent residence in the succeeding express entry draw. 

Children born outside of Canada to Canadian parents are eligible Canadian citizens

Are you a Canadian Citizen, but your child was born outside of Canada? Here’s good news for you. As per IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada), Canadian citizens can pass on citizenship to their first-generation children born outside of Canada. Thus, the children born overseas, but have one of the parents as a Canadian citizen, are eligible to claim their citizenship in Canada.